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I can draw.

AHR chp 39 very very slowly getting there kouxfutaba (come on progress!)

Eresca Commission by eurielia
KH chp 111

WHAT. Kurama is freakin adorable and beautiful in this chapter.



beautiful again~




also Ami with long hair is super cute too~~


quick concept drawing~

so many emotions that I don’t even know what to feel anymore. 

just auhggugaj kano bby ughgugjh shinaya ahighasaigh *crying*

My Manga Studio sketching tool & example

I use the brush tool with these settings as I tend to sketch fast, and by unchecking stroke/correction I can sketch without getting any delay. I generally use this size, but sometimes i decrease it if I’m sketching something small. 

(when inking over just lower the sketching layers opacity to a minimum)

hetiru sent: Hello, Eurielia! Looking at your last works I became so excited about your future manga!!! *O* Good luck with it and have a lot of patient!!! =DDDDD Oh, I just wanted to ask how long it takes to learn how to use Manga Studio 4 and 5? I downloaded it in last year (XDDD), but system looks a bit difficult for me///~~ D'= So I\m curious about how many months/weeks/days did you spend to become familiar with MS system?))))

wahhhh hetiru! hi~~~~~!

aww thankyou so much!! haha yep patience is veryyy necessary when drawing manga. well, ive only been using MS EX4 for like a month.. but once i knew all the basis and shortcuts it became a lot easier for me.

if you need any help let me know and ill do my best to help (just remember i have only been using ms for a month so im not an all knowing pro haha)

FutabaxTouma commission by eurielia