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Should hopefully have time to restart working on my current commissions now… ughh why does everyone i know seem to have birthdays all in the same week? urrrr

Comes home to find out Love so life 88 has FINALLY COME OUT.

screams and very very nervously sees the scans+summary. and then I feel like throwing up. 10 YEARS. 10 WHOLE YEARS. THE WHOLE CONCEPT OF WHAT MATSUNAGA-SAN IS PROPOSING IS ILLOGICAL AND STUPID. this has to be a joke or shiharu has to respond within the next couple of chapters otherwise i think i’m done. i’m so disappointed right now i feel like crying. . 

checking like every 5 minutes for Love so life chapter 88 but still nothing. 

STILL patiently waiting for Love so life 88. VERY VERY PATIENTLY.

Patiently waiting for Love so life 88. PATIENTLY.

nickelbrasscanon sent: If I may ask, what chapter was that Kamisama hajimemashita panels from?

from the latest chapter 112 :3

Nicely done Tomoe

tweetysweet DA question

tweetysweet - How do you merge layers in SAI?
And, btw, what is the pink line at the side of a layer? What does it do?

Answer -

Merging layers in SAI is very easy. You can either press the merge layers button (which ive marked out with a red square) or you can just use the shortcut CTRL+E.

The line at the side of the layer (as shown above) shows up when you select clipping group. this works like a masking layer. 

I can draw.

AHR chp 39 very very slowly getting there kouxfutaba (come on progress!)